Trade of the day

Adster will be in the Racing Traders` PalTalk room this afternoon doing…, I`m not sure….well, definitely doing what he does best which is making money for you guys.

Bingo won`t be trading due to domestic do-dahs but after a cursory glance at the fixtures list he spotted a possible nugget for you to consider

LIVERPOOL v BURNLEY    Saturday 12th Sept  15.00

LAY Liverpool CLEAN SHEET @ 1.67  £100

BACK 2-0 & 3-0

So if you keep your stakes on the CS market to £99 or less you`ll profit if Burnley score at least one goal. Dangers are 1-0 & 4-0

Happy trading

Post match roundup

As mentioned above I didn`t trade the match just posted a possible trade that looked promising.

At 3-0 the advice given would have been to either lay the current score or back AUQ. I`m unsure as I wasn`t there live trading what the best option was. Either route undoubtedly would have produced a red screen. Based on stakes suggested the final liability would have been around £25

~ by latraderette on September 12, 2009.

One Response to “Trade of the day”

  1. Fair comment scalper so I`ve written a late post match roundup which gives an approximate summary.
    There will be a monthly results resume which will detail profit & loss figures of the all the posted trades of the day

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