Trades of the day

Well after an excellent night last night in the Paltalk room where there were many happy traders we are back in there tonight for a couple of games. Feel free to come and join us.

For details of how to join the room please click here

So on to tonight.

CSKA v Fulham 6pm

Fulham are to make 9 changes from the side that beat Everton on Sunday. Their away form is pretty poor this season and we cannot see them getting much in this game so our advice is to back 2-0 and 2-1 with a view to laying off when goals go in as per usual.

Some Bonus Nuggets

While waiting anxiously with a large livener in one hand and your mouse in the other for that goal which will put you on the way towards easy street we will show you a few tricks to lessen some of that current  red liability.

Good luck.

Post match round up

A night of mixed fortunes. The first half saw plenty of opportunity for scalping 0-0/1-0/0-1 thus reducing the red on those scorelines. Patience was advised at HT with the score remaining at 0-0 as one early goal would have enabled us to lay the  2-1 & 2-0 should the home side taken the lead. Sofia duly obliged in the 61`but Fulham`s ultra rapid equaliser put the scuppers on the best laid of plans. Shit happens and very often two goals scored within minutes of each other complicates matters enormously.

It was also advised at HT to back 1-0 & 0-1 and some even laid 2-1 at prices of 20.0 and upwards. Having suggested that the second half wasn`t going to produce a deluge of goals it was a mistake on our part not to have backed 1-1.

We took a loss of £19.20, others less or more than that depending on what the earlier scalping moves had produced

~ by Juan on September 17, 2009.

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