News of the day

Right, today`s headline news is confirmation that we will be starting the live trading sessions on a Pay-As-You-Go basis from 5 October.

The entrance fee will be £6  which allows the attendee to stay for the entire duration of a session. As many of you know, one session can be up to 10 hours long taking in upto 3 matches.

Live trading events will take place in the Webinar and Paltalk rooms simultaneously allowing the attendee to move freely between the two.

The Webinar Conference room will be dedicated to the coverage of one football match and presented by Bingo or Adster. Attendees will undoubtedly benefit from the desktop sharing function that the room offers. It is a pip to join and no software needs to be downloaded by particpants

The Paltalk room, the above`s virtual neighbour, will act as more flexible meeting venue where other matches and indeed other sports can be discussed. The chat function enables the presenter to answer trading questions put by the attendees. We hope that the friendly and helpul ambience of the room with its good natured banter will continue in present form

Registration and payment details on how to join scheduled live trading sessions will be sent by email. So if you would like to be included on the invitation list send us your address details by going to the Contact page

To take a peek at what goes on in one of our Paltalk hoedowns here`s a video from last night`s session

~ by latraderette on September 24, 2009.

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  1. Cannot play the video…says:’This video is private’

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