Trade of the day

Champions League bonanza this week so we travel to Italy

FIORENTINA v LIVERPOOL  Tues, 29 Sept  19.45

An in-form Liverpool take on Fiorentina whose league form has started well but their exploits in the CL leave something to be desired

BACK Liverpool @ 1.99

BACK 1-1 & 1-0 for a combined half of the Match Odds stake

If 0-0 at HT Liverpool`s price will have drifted but not by much. The 1-1 odds will be a touch higher than prematch and 1-0 will have shortened. For the twitchy traders looking to bail out this scenario is disagreeable but not life threatening

Depending on time of  Liverpool taking the lead a lay of both 1-1 & Match Odds could be considered prudent. The more fearless punter/trader will no doubt lay a bit of 1-1 and let the Match Odds run

Good luck

Post match round up

A very surprising result which worked against us in both the match odds and the correct score odds market. With the game at 2-0 at half time we had the option to back over 3.5 to recover some losses. But a disappointing game and our biggest loser to date. If this had been a pay as you go game we would have offered a full refund!

The other trade on offer was a winner though which was backing Arsenal in the Asian handicap at -1.0 and covering 1-0 and 2-1 in the correct score market.

In summary as traders we will not win all the time and part of being a good trader is accepting losses and coming back from a loss. Fortunately over the month, (and we will be printing results next couple of days for the month of September) the green has far outweighed the red. :0)

~ by latraderette on September 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. I assume that it is 1-0 Fiorentina we are to back? As betfair are listing the match Fiorentina / liverpool?

    • Yes,mate. Obviously we are taking a view that Fiorentina are more likely to lose so we place a small cover on a score that offers quite good odds @ 13.5
      The match odds stake on Liverpool is about double the CS stakes –
      e,g BACK L`POOL @ 2.0 £100
      BACK 1-1 @ 7.8 £50
      BACK 1-0 @ 13.5 £10

  2. I would hold off on betting before the match and assess how the teams are playing after the first 15 mins. Knowledge is the key in many betting scenarios and in more and more football games (apart from obvious one-sided ones) they can be difficult to call.

    None of the scores:
    would surprise me.


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