Trade of the day

Preston v West Brom 12.45pm

Well we’re back after a couple of days producing the videos which I must say are looking excellent and going to be a real asset to traders of all levels. 3 hours of videos at a very reasonable price which will be available in a week to 10 days.

But onto today’s games. This one is a battle of the top 3.  The first goal from 0 to 10 mins and under 2.5 markets look appealing. Try and get matched at 5.4 for first goal at 0 to 10 and back the under 2.5 goals. Stakes ratio? £10 on first goal, £100 on unders etc, so 10% etc. No goal after 9 minutes 45 seconds trade out of the unders for a nice green which should outweigh the loss on first goal market. If a goal goes in red up on the unders which should be less than the profit you will make on the 0 to 10 first goal market.

Good luck, we might be back later for Man United v Sunderland.

Quick update

By backing the unders at 2.04 you could have been out at 1.83 at 9 minutes 45 seconds for a small return on stakes The braver ones out there may have scalped the unders for first 10 minutes and covered the 11 to 20 minutes market.

~ by Juan on October 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. I think this would return 1% return on stakes, no?? Greening up on the Unders from 2.04 to 1.83 with $100 stakes does give you $11.48, but you also lost $10 on the “First Goal 0-10 Minutes” market for a total overall return of $1.48, which would be about 1.34% return, before commission.

    This strategy doesn’t really make much sense unless the Unders is at least 2.20, then you would have got closer to your 11% return.

    • Apologies Silk, you’re spot on. I will amend. The first goal and unders need bigger stakes to really make a great return for 10 minutes work.

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