Trade of the day


Sounds dramatic but late team news for Spain reveals that they are fielding effectively a B team.

Naturally, this affects the initial trade proposed below.

The webinar will go ahead in order to approach the match with some caution.

Those of you who have already placed their bets will not be left in the lurch. We`ll play it calmly as usual


Armenia v Spain  Sat, 10 Oct    17.00pm

Previous 3 meetings between these two has seen Spain score 10 goals……

Simple Correct Score jobby: 0-2/1-2/0-3/0-4

Good luck

There will be a webinar for this game –  live from southern France.  Hope you can make it

Registration details will be sent to all the usual suspects on our mailing list later today

Post match round up

A £9 loss. Could amost see that coming when taking the decision to change the trade at the last moment

Wasn`t in the zone at all, coupled with the gloomy reactions from a few attendees who were less than satisfied, made this a dificult night. My apologies to those who followed this trade

More evening trading in the chat room.

Whilst bingo had a tough trade in Armenia later in the evening we were in S America for some WC qualifiers matches there. Advises given out were back over 2.5 in Colombia v Chile at price of 2.24 and LAY AUQ in Argentina v Peru game at 2.24. Why did we choose these? Well judging by form, stats etc the feeling was Argentina would not put 4 past Peru and was considering just letting the trade run its course but being traders that would have been wrong. Anyway their price shot out to 10s at around 36 minutes.

The other trade was brilliant. Colombia scored after 13 minutes but it was too early to trade out so we remained in, then 2 goals at 35 and 37 minutes brought us back a massive 120% return on stakes.

Here are some of the comments from the chat. Remember trading will have highs and lows, noone in the world gets it right ALL the time and if they tell you differently they’re lying. How you handle it, reduce red screens when trades go against you and maximise profits when green is presented goes a long way for anyone to become a good successful trader.

S American game

~ by latraderette on October 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. What do I have to do to be in your mailing list?

  2. You’re already on it.

  3. what standard stakes do you advised on this, and then I will factor them as required

    • Stakes are down to individuals and their own banks. We will try and use a midrange of staking for future trades and for those that want to stakke more they can double, triple stakes etc or of course halve the amounts/quarter. When we trade live games in the Webinar the advised stake amounts are written for everyone to see and how the staes are spread over the markets.

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