Trade of the day

Just one little trade mentioned in the chat room yesterday.

Burnley v Wigan 24-10-09

West Ham v Arsenal 4.15pm

Arsenal are showing more and more form that made them champions 6 years ago. Their football is beautiful to watch on their day and without being biased there aren’t many sides in the world better to watch when that happens. Already scoring 27 goals in 8 premier games, (3 more than Chelsea from 2 fewer games).

As for West Ham, 1 win in 8, away to Wolves back in mid August but they have scored in their last 4 premier games.

Over 3.5 at 2.86 looks appealing although liquidity is currently poor, but sure to pick up as morning goes on.

1-2 and 1-3 are fairly skinny so not much value there. These 2 sides have only scored 1 of their goals in the first 15 minutes. Another angle might be to wait till 15 minutes have gone and if still 0-0 back AUQ which is currently 6s. IF that drifts to 7s or 8s and Arsenal bang in a couple in first half the price will come in to 3/4s.

Good luck.

Post match round up

Followed step by step you’d have an excellent green profit. Entering the game at 15 minutes and backing AUQ would have paid dividends with the goal going in at 16 minutes. Also the over 3.5 at 2.86 could have been layed off at 1.70 at 0-2 in the 37th minute.

Also advised a beautiful Asian Handicap in the chat room for the Man City game that made many £££.

~ by Juan on October 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. Just curious…how much red or green on the AUQ? what period of the match?

    • Hi there,

      With the Arsenal game you could have backed AUQ at around 8s 15 minutes in. This price dropped to around 2.40 when they went 2-0 up. I personally backed over 3.5 at 2.86 and layed off at 1.71 at 0-2 in 37th minute. As for stakes this is a personal thing as all traders have different staking amounts.

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