Trade of the day


A late contender for Trade of the day. Chelsea are looking extremely focused at present and we feel will make sure they qualify tonight

BACK Chelsea Clean Sheet + BACK 1-2/1-3/2-1

This game will be traded live in the Webinar room for our members

Racking our brains trying to find some sort of value tonight and just cannot see too much aside our live Webinar game. CL games always seem to be harder to call due to the fact clubs are playing in different countries, bigger stakes etc. Trading domestic leagues is so much easier in our experience so a recommendation to lower stakes is always adviseable.

We’re not going to put out a trade just for the sake of it if we feel there is nothing that stands out but we will be back tomorrow if we spot anything of value/interest.

One thing we can offer you though is a video that didn’t make the final ones due to quality etc. But the objective and result can be seen by all when covering numerous scores etc.


Post match roundup

A mixed night as some traders in the webinar managed to lay 1-2 & 1-3 before the Madrid equaliser in injury time. We came out with +48 but some lost their shirt on this

~ by Juan on November 3, 2009.

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