Trade of the day

Not much again today as we enter International games this weekend, something we loathe away from the usual weekend of football.

Southampton v Charlton 7.45pm

Small interest here and the only thing that stands out a little bit. Liquidity should be fine as it is a Sky game. Would use caution though as this is a Cup match and not a League match.

Back 2-1

Back under 1.5

Adjust staking plan whereby the under 1.5 green will more or less cover the red on the 2-1 if the game is 0-0 at ht or at worse a small loss. So trade out at ht if the game is 0-0.

Good luck.

Post match round up.

Enough said! See how the price dropped when the score was 1- and 2-0, leaving ample opportunity to trade out from an opening position of 10.5/11s for the 2-1 scoreline.

Final score 2-1……………Nugget Crew spot on once again.  And some layed off the red and left the profit on the 2-1 scoreline. Nice profit was made. :0)

Why are you missing out on this action? Drop us a line and join our chat room asap.

Saints v Charlton 2-1 strat


~ by Juan on November 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. hey lads can u fling me on the new site address and the chat room address thx

    • Hi mate, unfortunately we cannot commercially put any links on the blog. Could you please drop us a line on the contact page and we will email you the link. Once we move to one site for all this won’t be a problem any longer. :0)


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