Trade of the day

Post match round up

Yesterday`s trades swung from the facile to the difficile!

Chelsea knocked in the required number of first half goals for us to trade out with a comfortable green.

In the Midlands, backing Birmingham in the Draw No bet (DNB) left us relatively untroubled and nicely in profit

Over to Italy and the dreaded two quick goals – and by quick I mean 60 secs here – put us in a lot of trouble. The pre match prognosis was spot on but we had to really struggle to salvage what at times looked like a potential savaging of our bank. Inter`s 3rd goal helped us to come out with a small green scratch; some had already (understandably) bailed out to hedge their red.  If ever one needed an example of what do you when you`re up against it in a trade, then this was it. Members who followed me in this trade – Adster sensibly was on a more simple inspired punt on Over 2.5 goals – will know what I`m talking about

The Live Webinar is taking place today so for our regular readers good luck with today`s trades. One game you may want to consider is:


~ by latraderette on November 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. sorry, but what is LTD? :-S

  2. Lay the draw. By covering 1-1 allowed the 0-1 scoreline to be left open. At 0-2 it was a very big green profit. :0)

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