Trade of the day

Due to commitments I know bingo is not around today and I hope to be back later this afternoon so if get a chance will have a look at tonight’s games and put up a blog. Also should be around for second half of the CL games in the chat room to help/advise anyone if needed.

Good luck.

P.S    Just some comments from our chat room last night.

Floopy2009: Yep what a good night
paul6444: about +50 over 3trades
Bingo_Little: wd paul
Penitent: sure Dak…give us a min
dakota7556: choked…
dakota7556: duece
gohere has left.
Floopy2009: well planned organised could not ask for more
Floopy2009: Cheers Bingo Dorreen and Ads
Floopy2009: and XT
dakota7556: adv murray
Penitent: great trades tonight Bingo/Ads/XT, thankyou
iancov_1 has left.
Bingo_Little: Floopy our pleasure as always
Damiaaa has left.
tbones147: set muzza
Bingo_Little: nice format
LongyFTM73 has left.
paul6444: yeah was a lot better with all trades on webinar page
dakota7556: 1st set to Murray
adster: Bout £90 up here, so well done all.
Bingo_Little: 4 games….3 of us
Floopy2009: Loved the little secret door as well
dakota7556: yes guys…excellent trading tonight
roberthill59 has left.
Bingo_Little: + 65 of the troops…so big thank you

~ by Juan on November 25, 2009.

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