Trade of the day

Two good nights on the trading front and an excellent turnover in our chat room where many new faces have joined our regular gang, good to see, the more the merrier.

Well the good news is we have produced a new free video on the link below, bad news, no trade today. Enjoy the vid, just copy and paste link into a new browser, it’s a taster as to what we have on our package of 13 videos. The Rubin game is the new one.

Here is a summary of what some of the videos cover.

A typical Saturday afternoon of Premiership as one trader simultaneously goes back and forth trading 6 games via different methods, see how he does it and the results.

A compilation of different strategies revolving around the draw. 3 different methods as to how to adapt and profit from these markets.

The Asian Handicap. A very much underused, misunderstood market that a lot of traders rarely touch. This video shows how to play one market off against another.

So when your initial trade goes wrong, how do you turn things around for a profit? The ‘wrong side scores first’ video shows how.

API. One of the most powerful and effective tools in trading. By using software called Bet Trader we demonstrate via ladder interface the importance of having this in place for the more serious traders.

We go through an overview of the markets picking out certain games that we’d look to trade in certain ways via different strategies applied and why we have chosen them.

Why is liquidity in a market so important? We show you why when a winning trade turns into a losing trade due to lack of money.

A 10 minute strategy with a strike rate of 80%, 2 example shown via the full package of videos.

How do you scalp the markets to produce a profit? We show you how and what to look for to improve your trading.

Our last video shows how using the under 1.5 goal market in conjunction with various scores on the correct score market can be a good earner!!

In addition as it’s xmas we will throw in a ‘Nugget Crew green book’ which has other titbits on how to improve your trading with other trading methods.

They really are an excellent set of videos, how bout as a xmas present for a loved one? Perfect.

All videos have English audio and captions to assist tutorially. Here are some of the testimonials we have received from customers.

Dear Adster & Bingo,
yesterday i watched all of your videos and i am absoloutelt delighted of it.. Strategies that if someone follows will make profits in the long run..

Hi Bingo and Adster

Thanks for all your hard work. Have been trying to listen/view the shorter vids at work (shh don’t tell anyone). Can’t wait to try some strategies out. I am hoping to pick up a few hints and tips from the vids.

Already seen the vids except the 6games one. They’re really good. Nice work there.

Thanks for that, all sorted now. Watched about half of the vids and they are great so far so nice one :) Kev

~ by Juan on December 3, 2009.

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  1. Somekind problem with link??

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