Trade of the day

Post match roundup   CHELSEA v APOEL  Result 2-2

A shock early goal by the Greek gods, er , dogs left a few traders in the chat room gasping for air and a large livener. No panic at Nugget HQ, however, and the expected equaliser plus a second for the Blues saw us back on the bar stools relaxing with martini cocktails.

A point here about the Asian Handicap market. The lack of liquidity during the game meant we couldn’t lay off when  Chelsea went 2-1 up. Advice to back other higher APOEL scorelines covered all possible outcomes and gave the true  followers a £58 profit.

I say “true” followers of the trade because there is a tendency by some chat room traders to not follow the trade exactly as posted – both on this blog and the .eu site. A trade is proposed and stakes advised on the basis of our research and calculations based on possible scenarios that arise during a game


LAY the fav was our call on this match….no, not a call, more a bellow since we felt that Forest’s outstanding current form and remarkable away form would get something from the game. The Reds got a well deserved point. We got  £28 green

~ by latraderette on December 9, 2009.

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