Trade of the day

Firstly the stats page has been updated to show stats/sequences/streaks etc for 15 games now so go take a look.

Well Betfair have 1 game in play today, yes 1! Whether you wish to trade it or not is up to you. Lille are banging them in for fun and St Etienne are not! Should be a home banker this providing 2 or 3 goals for the home side. Lille last 3 home games have produced 10 goals in their favour against the leaders, third and 4th place teams. But they tend not to get off to best of starts which St Etienne do hence the below.

Lille v St Etienne 6pm

Back 3-1

A goal to either side will bring the price in.

Scalping or back under 1.5 as usual is optional.

If 0-0 at ht then come out for a loss, (small if under 1.5 is covered)

Good luck, xmas shopping prevails my participation in chat. Think many will be having a well earned day off after our recent winning stretch, long may it continue!

Post match round up

I traded this via Betfair app on phone as was out and about. Shame really as it would have made for a good video. At 1-0 after 33 minutes the 3-1 came in but of course the under 1.5 shot out so it would have been a scratch trade if you’d come out. At ht I traded out of the under 1.5 for a £2.50 loss, (small stakes used cos of use on phone) but left the 3-1 open. At 2-0 after 58 mins the price came in a little bit, leaving a green £5 on all scores and £72 on 3-1. So effectively a free bet. When the suspended went at 3-0 hoped it was 3-1, but alas it was 4-0!

~ by Juan on December 10, 2009.

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