Trade of the day

Looked at various games and think this one offers good value as neither side is assured of qualification yet.

Genoa v Valencia 6pm

Genoa have scored 9 in the last 3 home games and conceded 4. Valencia away are 5 goals scored from 2. Think we will see a goal or more here. Choices are:

Back over 2.5, as like last night, can wait for a better price after 10 mins if no early goals.

Back 0-0 and 2-2. With correct staking plans it will allow a scratch trade around 30 to 35 mins IF still 0-0.

Something slightly different here.

Back 1-0, 0-1 around 35 mins and lay under 1.5, again only if score is 0-0.

Hope to be in chat later to discuss stakes etc. Here is the link, hope to see many new faces then.

Post match round up

Unfortunately bluetooth connection made participation in chat a short one. Traded out of the 2-2 and 0-0 around 32 minutes for a scratch trade. Did suggest in chat that the 1-2 would not be a bad option and also backing overs after 10 to 15 mins should pay dividends. A goal on 45th minute and 51 mins making the score 1-1 would have made money for backers of both trades.

Also the new Adster Aperitif would have worked well by doing the above, think there’s a lot of potential and profit to be made on this one.

~ by Juan on December 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Trade of the day”

  1. Now, I am really curious. What’s the new Adster Aperitif?

  2. Look at the forum, MM…

  3. Been discussing it on the forum mate, strike rate thus far is excellent. By trading it at the right time via entry points with the right game should be a good earner for us come Jan.

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