Trade of the day

Aston Villa v Blackburn 7.45pm

Second leg of this Carling Cup match which stands at 1-0 to Villa from last week. The last 3 matches between these 2 over the last 4 months have seen at least 1 goal in each. Whilst Villa are much the better side Blackburn will be out to pull back the deficit and score here to at least take the game into extra time……………Will Villa sit back on their 1 goal lead? Unlikely as the first goal to them will leave Blackburn needing at least 2 to go through.

Lay the draw

Optional on 0-0 or 1-1. Worried about big liabilities on the lay draw? consider covering 0-0 for 50 to 75% of ltd red.

Burn score? We use the much discussed Metaltone technique.

Good luck.

Post match round up

With Blackburn taking the lead we applied the Metaltone leaving a nice green on Villa. At 0-2 things were not looking good! Then the game changed and Villa turned things around. At 3-2 we layed some of the green off of Villa to make a profit.

Our other trades in the chat room were to back Liverpool 2.54 before kick off which some did and also to back AUQ in Arsenal game when score was 2-2 at a price of 2.60. Both winning trades.

~ by Juan on January 20, 2010.

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