Trade of the day

Post match round up

Another winning trade from the nugget crew as the overs call was a correct one. The overs dropped from 1.95 to 1.36 when Rooney scored the first! And our second chat room opened with great success and appreciation from our members. Read some of the comments below. We at nugget hq care about our members and try to appease where and when we can.

With the growing database of members we have decided to open another chat room for newer traders.

Trading football is for most at the moment a learning curve. Older members have developed their knowledge of trading principles and the style of trading that we employ. The more relaxed they are the clearer the fast paced communication becomes. That is obviously not the case for members new to trading and unfamiliar with the ambience of the chat room environment.

What can we do to improve the above by helping the beginners yet retaining the the interest (and interests) of the more established members?



– Chat Room 1 GENERAL

For members who want to follow TOTD  AND other games that are being traded. Advice and support as usual but with the addition of more general discussion and banter

– Chat Room 2 ROOKIES

For members who want to follow uniquely TOTD. Discussion/advice and support exclusively concerned with the one match traded live in-play

Want to join and learn how to trade?

Man United v AC Milan 19.45pm

With AC having to go to Old Trafford to score at least 2 goals to go through and United hitting them on the break it’s hard to see this being 0-0! As much as I loathe Man United, (no offence to supporters) they are up there with Arsenal as one of the best sides in the world to hit on the counter and it’s unlikely they will be sitting back on the lead here as they know no other way of playing. IF they score first then AC will need 3 goals to go through but will certainly give it a go.

Back over 2.5, (either from start or wait for 2s)

Back 0-0 for small stakes as insurance if 0-0 at half time

Stakes % which is the most important thing to be given out to members

~ by Juan on March 10, 2010.

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