Trade of the day

Nought today folks. Back tomorrow where we have some Italian games and a premier match.

We still have our World Cup offer available which effectively is buy 4 get 1 free. So why not join up and make money with us and learn how to trade? We are taking new members now for April onwards. Here are some of our recent testimonials. You really are missing out! We have 2 chat rooms now and cater for beginner trader to advanced traders. And what makes our chat room the best around is the wonderful atmosphere and group of traders who help each other out and learn about trading. We make money in a respectful, happy environment and have a bit of fun too at certain times.


Just want to say a big thanks for your help.  I appreciate all the hard work and your trades consistently make a profit.  I know it gets a bit hectic in the chat rooms, so although I don’t say a lot in there I do enjoy it and learn a lot.  The questions are answered fully and you are both very patient!


great trade. im new here but these guys are great. had seen a lot of pay sites about sportsbets. but here the best i had seen. the price really fair and the service really good. im here since two days and had learned so much. hadnt thought. if i had a prob or a question , they will help quickly. on the most sites you pay for picks. but here you can learn so much aobut the strategy. if my english were not so bad i would learn so many much here. great site here.

a good thing. my first trade since membership here and it was profitable. great guys here. they know what they do


~ by Juan on March 22, 2010.

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