Quick update

As we near the end of another successful month the doors are open for new members to learn the art of trading and join the best community on the net. Our results and profit speak for themselves this month with £329 made to date, and the TOTD’s continue to have an excellent strike rate/return. The confidence within the members chat room is rising by the week as members learn all about the aspects of limiting losses, backing certain scores, knowing what to look for, entry/exit points etc………

Why not come and join for a month and see what you think. What members will get for April.

At least 22 TOTD’s with details of prices, staking,  exit points, dangers etc.

Offers of free bets and how they can be incorporated and used to maximise profits.

Live Webinars via our Webinar Conference Suite. Watch 2 pro traders and how they trade a game.

Advices for other sports like racing, cricket etc.

First ones to purchase the new videos due out next month at a lower price than non members.

As above with a World Cup special ebook due out in May.

A starter pack which contains acronyms/strategies we use as well as some free videos.

Unlimited chat where one room is open 24/7 and the other is used when necessary.

2 pro traders that spend at least 18 hours each in the room per week.

Our current 4 for 5 month offer, unbeatable.


~ by Juan on March 29, 2010.

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