Trade of the day


BACK 2-0
BACK 2-1

Vila`s record against City is poor – 2/14 visits – yet Villa have won 4/5 last away games
City have failed to score against Villa just once in last 14 meetings

Post match roundup

Villa`s early goal set the trade up nicely……the smart (i.e not greedy traders) exited the trade with a £30 profit which is nice work. Others stayed in hoping to extract a few more sheckels by backing 3-1 when the score was 0-1. A brace from City just before HT left that decision looking extremely flakey. 3-1 the final score and a nervy £15 green was finally made.

Lesson here: Take the green. Don`t fcuk about!


Shalke v Werder Bremen  Sat, 14.30pm

Malaga v Gijon   Sat, 17.00pm

Chievo v Napoli  Sun, 14.00pm

Post match roundup

It would be fair to say that coming into the 3rd leg of this multiple with £270 red we were in a difficult position. Laying the draw in the Chievo v Napoli match was not really an option so drip lays were advised as a way in which we could at least reduce this liability. Napoli scored first and frankly we were left to pray to the gambling gods for a Chievo equaliser – which came in the 88min. £30 green was the final outcome

~ by latraderette on May 1, 2010.

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