Good morning all,

I’ve had a good look for a trade of the day and can’t find anything of interest tonight. Greece v Korea is of no real interest and considered possibly a lay the draw with 0-0 cover but it’s not ideal really. Also Ireland v Paraguay is a friendly with nought to play for so it’s a bit of a lottery really. Last night at least England wanted to prove something but Ireland haven’t even qualified for the finals.

First bit of news is that bingo is back later from Berlin and will be staying over a few nights whilst we gear ourselves up for the WC. We will be concentrating on the vids which will comprise of 3 levels. Beginner, intermediary and advanced. Each set will contain 7/8 videos for all different levels of traders. As some of them are old and many of you might already have the initial set we will be doing a pick and mix whereby you get to pick ones you want to purchase. We have done over 12 new ones. We have promised a deadline of 1 June to a marketing third party so it’s imperative we’re done for then, 10 days before the first match. Subscribed members will get a % off the cost.

We will be taking the site down after today and hope to be back Friday with the new one that bingo has worked so hard on. It looks brilliant so a big thanks mate for all the work you put into it.

There will be a document going out before the finals start with little nugget bits of info and stats that will be useful for trading and also little tips where we believe is value. This will be free to paid members.

We have had talks with our partner Darren of Bet72 and a third party with regards to a software which will be downloadable and have all the strats/info written into it. Here is a screenshot of the software which can be bought empty for £15. We have done a deal with all information enclosed for only £25, so just another £10 with all the info written in for you. So you will open it up look for games with odds then look at the software for criteria that fits those particular games and use it. This will be available over the next few days. It will be a very useful tool for trading at a very low price.

Finally a thank you to all involved over the last 6 months. Our service goes from strength to strength and will continue to grow throughout the WC and into the new Premier season in August. And some said we wouldn’t last!

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on May 25, 2010.

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