Trade Of The Day

Post match roundup

Mexico taking the lead was not great cause for alarm as we expected the Italians to at least equalise. Moving into the 2nd half with the score still 0-1 we advised LAY Italy Next Goal + BACK 1-2. This would provide 50% cover of the 0-2 red and we would look at a scratch trade if Italy did equalise since we had green on 1-1/2-1/1-2/2-2.

As it happened score went to 0-2 with 5 mins remaining. Not good as we still faced a loss but the Bingo Special came to our aid once more as Italy pulled a goal back in injury time, thus giving us green of £45 on Cs + £24 green on Next goal market

Bingo was on double TOTD stakes so a nice night for him

ITALY v MEXICO  18.15pm

Friendlies are notoriously difficult to call but we need to keep practising and honing our trading techniques.

So small stakes here on dutching a number of CS scorelines

BACK 0-0/1-0/2-0/3-0/0-1/1-1/2-1/2-2/3-1

~ by latraderette on June 3, 2010.

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