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It has been flagged up on these pages often enough that certain matches have had more than a whiff of the odour of corruption. In fact, the stench has been overwhelming. Most cases appear in Italy and the tail end of Serie B this season has produced a number of matches where the odds on the draw and certain scorelines have been totally out of line with usual prices for these markets. When £530,000 out of a toal of £550,000 has been traded on the draw in the Match Odds market then something is definitely amiss.

These “dodgy” games are not just confined to the above league. Yesterday threw up one similar pattern in a Greek 2nd divison play off where the prematch price on 3-1 was a staggering 1.40. This price held until the 85th minute (score was 2-0 at this stage). The gamble (?) didn`t come off and one suspects that human flesh rather than lamb would be on the kebab skewer later that evening.

Talking of fish let`s spread our investigative net to Norway. Yesterday, in the Tippeligaen, Molde were 3-0 on 90mins. The next 3 minutes of injury time threw Betfair into chaos and some 1.01 backers would no doubt have thrown themselves into the North sea as the away side, Lillestrom conjured up – by magic or prior arrangement – 3 goals for the match to end in a draw. Let me write this down for you. Better still, a screenshot

Corruption at work here? The  Norwegian god, Thor, deciding to brighten up his otherwise dull Sunday afternoon with some ancient Nordic voodoo? The Icelandic (h)ash cloud causing catastrophic malfunction in the Molde defence engine room? Whatever they`re smoking, I`ll have some. – although this author`s own intoxicant brand, Bingo Special Mild, did the trick once more. A lay of 3-2 @ 1.07 produced a Green, not Purple, Haze and he went to sleep. With the fishes.

So why not turn to Norway for our TOTD?

START v VIKING  18.00pm

Evenly matched, the one stat for Start (say that with a joint in your mouth) that leaps out is their first half record at home. Played 7 won 6 drawn 1. Goals for/against: 8:1. They also boast the highest number of goals scored in 0-10 mins.

BACK START HT @ 3.3 – or BACK 1-0/2-0 in HT score market

BACK 0-0 & 2-2 (the Nugget Nibble)

Post match roundup

Start didn`t start well enough so we took a £50 liability into the 2nd half. We backed 1-1 & layed the draw as we now had green on 0-0/1-1 & 2-2. We managed to reduce our overall red to £36. Quite an interesting strat which needs a little more tweaking; laying the HT scores after 25mins rather than 35 will help. Also staking less on the HT scores and more on the CS

~ by latraderette on June 7, 2010.

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