Trade of the day

Nothing jumps out at this point, but if we see anything we will update here. One bit of news is we’re offering the vids packages with 20% off until the first game of the World Cup!!! Details can be found here, don’t miss out on this offer.

Thought this would be of interest. We have had some communication from a couple of blogs wanting to receive live feeds from our blog so when we update it it’s automatically updated on their sites. These bloggers also have affiliation links in place to receive commission on the service and the videos. The commission paid on the videos works out at 20% so each set sold via a third party site will earn them £14 at the full asking price of £69.95. So if they shift 10, 20, 30 or more it works out a tidy profit!! Also for the membership there’s a recurring monthly 20% as long as that person stays with the service. So there is good money to be made by putting our banner/rss feed on sites/blogs etc.

For our more creative/entrepreneurs out there whilst not contact blogs and drum up some business to earn yourself some money? Easy enough to do via google.

Please find attached details on how this can be done and an affiliation link containing banners. As Dire Straits said, it really is ‘Money for Nothing’!

But even if this is not for you for the World Cup it will be a good way to follow us on the move via RSS updates.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on June 9, 2010.

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