Trade of the day – Fri, 2 July

URUGUAY  v GHANA  19.30pm


Uruguay are perhaps deserved favourites but..only just.
Ghana will have the whole continent rooting for them.

Both teams have shown sound defensive and organisational qualities necessary for this WC (England take note)
so a tight game is in prospect.
If I was straight punting I woud back Ghana here but the sensible trader opts for this route


BACK 1-0
BACK 2-0
BACK 2-1

Post match roundup

Ghana`s opening goal on the stroke of HT was enough to put the trade safe. There was a moment before this however where we tried to green up. Orders to hedge on the MO and CS were amended to lay just 1-0 and green up on MO. 2-1 odds were too high to lay at this point. £15 loss was possible if score stayed 0-1 but into 2nd half Uruguay equalised and put the trade back on track. Overall profit of £19. This author squeezed another £18 green on the Penalties market

~ by latraderette on July 2, 2010.

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