Trade of the day – Sat, 3 July



Rightly the market is not putting too much distance between these two, the Sth Americans edging it in Match Odds and Over/Under2.5 an even money split.

We expect money later in the day to come in more for goals to be scored than not so


BACK 0-0


If 0-0 after 30 mins odds will be around 5.5 and BTTS price possible will have drifted to about 2.1
A scratch trade is definitely possible should you wish to do so at this point. Watching the game live and seeing how it is panning out will help you make your mind up.
A goal in the first 25 mins will lose £12 on 0-0 but BTTS will halve > 1.4. Green up on that for an overall profit
……or let it run hoping for another goal

Post match roundup

Germany`s 3rd minute opener certainly opened up our trading possibilities with 3 options to either let the trade run. reduce red by 50% or 100%. Argentina pressed for periods but didn`t get the goal they wanted or we would have preferred. However, hedging at the right time saw us with a £16 green

~ by latraderette on July 3, 2010.

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