Trade of the day Monday 12 July 2010

Morning all,

Time to come down after the WC. Whilst the trade was a scratch one i know some of you made money by scalping the Method of Victory market so made a few ££££ via that route as the jumps and gaps were massive. So well done.

Thanks to all our members for the contributions over the last month, bingo and I certainly feel it went pretty well overall and we’re always looking to improve the service and make our members money whilst they learn the art to trading. The improvement in many of our longer term traders in ability to spot markets and prices and confidence gained makes it all worthwhile for the two of us. Armed with all our strats in leagues we know better makes the future of tradingfootball very encouraging.

We have other things in the pipeline, one of which is a text service where we spot what we feel are drifters and steamers a couple of days before the games go in play allowing a green up opportunity. If this is something of interest please drop us a line. The charge will be minimal, (something we’ve always kept down) £10 a month to members and we will look to send out 2 tips per week via text message.

Also a thank you to bingo for covering me whilst in Cyprus. Bingo’s turn from tomorrow for a couple of weeks so I will be holding the fort and trying to find 2/3 per week due to markets/liquidity/closed season until the new season where we will revert to 5 per week. These trades will be emailed out as per usual but will probably NOT be posted in members area until bingo is back.

Lastly, checkout our old faves Valerenga this afternoon. The game should have goals, well more than Morde over the weekend!

Will be back in the week.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on July 12, 2010.

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