Trade of the day Sunday 18-7-10

Nought today as neither of the Nugget boys are available. But check this out, this is from our latest strategy that returned over 100% ROI yesterday, our members will be sure to cash in on this next month, and you could too. This is low risk with big rewards. This strategy with many of our others like the CoverS, (84% strike rate), NAC, (79% strike rate) will prove very profitable once the new season starts. Want to join and learn how to trade?

~ by Juan on July 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Trade of the day Sunday 18-7-10”

  1. Nice site and useful information

    I wish you continued development

    And I’ll be keen follower of your site wonderful

    • Thanks for the kind words
      After the excitement of the World Cup we are looking forward
      to some kind of normalcy with the start of the league action in August

  2. I think this is a great site and would love to work along with them

    • Hi Christopher thanks for the kind words. You would be more than welcome to join the service. Feel free to email us for more details or check out the main site.

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