Trade of the day Friday 23 July 2010

Nothing today folks, that’s the bad news. Good news is we have plenty on tomorrow so will find a game to trade. In this quiet period we have been working on the new strategy, the FIP. The results are very impressive to date!!!

Hot off the press we have a brand new strategy to include in our fantastic Betting System Notes software
That takes our included profitable strategy list upto a perfect 10, wow!

The latest strategy has been christened FIP, Faith In Paraguay, after a rather successful run of results using it with the said South Americans during the World Cup. However this strategy is in no way limited just South American national teams starting with P who are not Peru.

The Nugget Crew and I have been trading (and profiting I might add) this one to death during the World Cup and beyond. Now we are delighted to say it has been given the thumbs up for release into the software.

We have duly added to the package, as a little pre season bonus item for everyone who buys it.

Here is a screenshot of profits generated during the recent Women’s U20 World Cup game between Ghana and South Korea on 17th July.  Great to see it going so well after the World Cup and this should be the star strategy for the new season ahead.

And now is the perfect time to get started into the world of football trading as it’s preseason friendlies and meaningless preseason tournament time!

OK so we don’t have the liquidity of the real thing when season gets going for real but there is no reason why you cannot begin to practice your football betting strategies in advance on some of these little gems, to ensure you really hit the ground running when the season kicks in.

All of the strategies included in the package are carefully documented so you will know on which games to use then and now we have our perfect 10 then there has never been a better time to grab a copy and put them to the test, starting with small stakes and building up as the season gets underway.

Also we are developing a new website to accompany the software, with extra videos on all the strategies, more trading hints, tips and tricks and exclusive extra strategies for everyone who joins.  This will be a free site exclusively for all purchasers of the software so there has never been a better time to grab a copy for yourself.

To find out more about the Betting System Notes software and to grab some extra special bonuses too then just click here

Happy Trading !

Kind regards


Darren Hall – – No Risk. No Catch. Just Good Maths.

~ by Juan on July 23, 2010.

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