Trade of the day Wed 11-8-10

Morning all,

A very enjoyable evening where we’d made our £22 to £28 within 30 minutes thanks to Leeds banging 3 in the net as per trade of the day NAC. Am sure many would like to take £50 per hour from our day jobs! Plenty more of that to come with the long awaited Premier starting this weekend. The strategies we used for most of last season will be used again this season with the new ones to make money every month. If you’ve not joined the service yet now is the time so you’re a member for the weekends fixtures where we will have a trade on both Saturday and Sunday. More details can be found here.

For details of our latest FREE video and to see the NAC in action please drop us a line below.

Also dont forget our up to date Betnotes Software with 10, yes 10 preloaded strats at your fingertips to help you select which games to trade. Marvellous.

Lastly if you haven’t already given an interest in the Trading Conferences we will be doing in the next couple of months please email back and we will add you to our list which is filling up fast. We will look to do 3/4 of these so its first come first served and a maximum 100 places available.

With so many meaningless friendlies and so close to the World Cup finishing we’re not putting out a Trade of the Day today, (unless bingo spots something later). Hopefully back tomorrow for 1 more trade before the weekend really kicks off for us.

A big thank you for joining the service and being part of the best community on the net, really believe that. We have an excellent atmosphere in chat, we trade, we learn, we make money and we have some good friendly natured banter. Trading can be a lonely business so its good to have guys like dak, gun, VT, ulster, raz and many more. The fact the membership is growing means the word is spreading, so onwards and upwards guys.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on August 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Trade of the day Wed 11-8-10”

  1. Got to agree with the last paragraph. I have tried lots of tipping services/systems, etc but the really helpful & friendly group in the chqt room + adster & Bingo,s hard work they put in makes this service the best on the net imo.
    Been a member for 6 months now and am in profit; learnt a thing or two about trading along the way too

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