Trade of the day – Tues, 17th Aug

Post match roundups

Zenit scoring in 3rd minute was the perfect start to a winning trade as we simply had to lay them in MO after the goal

Real Madrid: Our call on laying AUQ was spot on; not too difficult to judge that a friendly fixture of this nature would not see a glut of goals

Young Boys v Spurs: The sole loser of our trio of recommended (unoffical) trades. Anyone who backed 3-0 in first 30 mins is either mad or extremely rich. trading is about reacting to adverse conditions. We suggested 3 moves. Lay Young Boys @ 1.10, back 3-3 and Lay Under4.5 goals. This author managed to reduce a potential £168 loss down to £32

As for today, we’re going to do another unofficial evening to test the room out etc.

Zenit v Auxerre. 17.30pm
Zenit’s home record is superb having lost just once in the last 23 home league games. Auxerre have not played in Europe for 4 years and look pretty average. A back on Zenit with cover on 0-0, 1-1 or both is an option.

Standard v Real Madrid.
This is a pre-season friendly for Real and with another 11 days to the start of their season will they be really going for this or going through the motions. 12 of Real’s 19 away games last season were under 1.5 at half time and they only scored 9 of their total 103 goals in the first 15 mins, (both home and away). A GG perhaps or for the braver trader a lay of AUQ with the intention of backing it 10 mins later. OR another option is to back under 2.5 with cover on say 1-3 scoreline in case of an early goal.

Young Boys v Spurs. 19.45pm
Bingo and I have discussed and discussed this and came to the conclusion this is one game to watch the first 10 to 15 minutes before jumping in. Spurs can be brilliant or average. If they were at home this would be a no brainer. Young Boys early form in their league has been poor. Overs looks good but will wait and see how it pans out.

See you later in the new Rookies Chat Room.

~ by latraderette on August 17, 2010.

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