Trade of the day – Thurs, 19 Aug

Post match roundup

What looked like a trade that would put us in profit we ended up with a scratch trade. There is mileage in this MM idea but certain criteria need to be revised. The staking on last night`s effort should have been £20 not £15 on the draw double. The £27 we put as insurance on the home side (our danger) was too high. We will persevere with small stakes in the future

FC VASLUI  v LILLE  18.00pm
GENK v PORTO  19.30pm

Multiple Mularkey


The staggered KO times will make the trade easier than last night`s MM as we can make
a more informed judgment on what to do in the 2nd game at 19.30

Both away teams are even money favs tonight and can see them trying to secure at least a draw
Lille play at 18.00 so a draw or away win sets us up nicely for the Porto leg at 19.30.
As cover we can BACK FCVaslui 2-1

Other news…..Aston Villa are taking a weakened squad to Rapid Vienna, leaving out Petrov, Young, Gabby.
Why they are doing this is strange. Coincidentally, they did exactly the same last year against the same opponents.
They lost 1-0 and were eliminated at Villa Park in the 2nd leg as Rapid got the crucial away goal.
Too late to catch the Villa Match Odds drift?

Maybe not. Check the graph on Match Odds

~ by latraderette on August 19, 2010.

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