Trade of the day Sunday 29th Aug

Bit late today folks after dropping bingo off at the airport at some ridiculous hour of the day after a late night and retiring back to bed on return!

Just wanted to add a well done to those that layed S Africa in the rugby yesterday at 1.38. Top shout Ulster! Beauty of our chat room is we do help wach other if we spot value, decent prices etc. Why we’re the best around guys. Also to those that made a quick £12 profit for 20 mins work backing 2-0 prematch in the United game. That really is a lovely way to trade. Make your money, green up, go to pub and don’t give a rats arse what the outcome is. Wonderful.

Bolton v Birmingham 13.30pm

No big match write up on this one. Last 3 have gone Bolton’s way and they certainly appear to have the edge against Brum. Last 2 have finished 2-1 and the third 3-0.

This game is live on Sky. I will be looking to scalp early on here. Whilst believe there will be goals IMO it will be a slow and cagey start, (cue the 2-2 in 10 mins).


Let’s use the AA here but not jump on for 15 mins or so allowing the price to drift out a couple of ticks for both the 2-1 and 2-2. Brum have scored 4 goals so far this season, ALL in the second half. They have only conceded 1 of their 3 goals in the first 45 mins. Bolton’s goals for and against have ALL come in the second half.

Also gives us time to assess the match early on.

Another option will be to do a Gundulf Special! Not the Gateau please note. Wtf does this mean?! If it’s 0-0 at half time we can Back over 2.5 which will have steamed to 1.20s……..

Post match round up

Another winning trade from the Nugget Boys. Whilst we didn’t count on the early goal with the new enhanced Adster Aperitif we still had the 2-2 in place. We traded around this and the 2-1 to come out for £21 profit. Lovely stuff. One of our members layed Birmingham at 1.02 and made a load of cash!

~ by Juan on August 29, 2010.

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