Trade of the day Tues 7 Sept

Post match roundup

Well I put out 5 trades. 2 winners, 2 losers and a scratch. Bulgaria one was a shame, they just needed a goal to steam the 2-1 price in, but 0-1 ended in scratch. German game was a good winner as was Turkey. Czech not and the dreaded/hated 0-0 in Croatia game.

Think we all agree not only from a liquidity point of view the international break from a trading side of things is tricky stuff. The Premier, French, Spanish and Italian leagues are better liquidity wise and easier to call in our experience. I have found the last few days frustrating indeed and I’m a pro trader! Taking silly prices is not something am used to doing. Perhaps we will reassess trades when the next international break happens.

Once bingo returns with the members we have we will open both rooms over weekends and start with live Webinars where you will see our screens and follow our trades.

I am not around tomorrow and looking at the card it’s pretty poor for the next 2 days, typical after an international night. But the chat is open of course for other sports etc so feel free to drop in.

For those that have not received our free ebooks, please reply and we will email them out to you. They make for good reading.

To keep you up with the news bingo and I are looking to get out to Bulgaria this month sometime for 4 or 5 days, (subject to bingo) where we have a newbie trader after a 1 to 1 training course. Whilst we’re there we will meet with a friend of mine who only trades pre match and we’ll work together on certain things which will be in the interest of all our members as this will encompass and ensure profitable opportunities over the coming weeks/months.

That’s about it. If there is anything Thurs it will be emailed out. Back to normal Sat with TOTD. Thank god!

Quick tip

Arsenal v Bolton. I would expect the 2-0 price to steam in a few ticks before kick off. Worth getting in the queue at 8s.




Morning all,

Plenty on today and i will be available most of the day in the chat rooms for under 21 stuff to full European games. Quick update on bingo. Mademoiselle Matron Hattie Jaques has given him a full physical and he’ll be out of hospital on Thursday and hopefully in chat over the weekend. Good news as this ruddy admin and trading for 1 person is a nightmare!!

We have discussed pre match trading 3/4 hours before kick off but we will also be looking at a say to 2 days before looking for scores that will steam/drift. Bad news about this sort of trading is it can tie up most of your bank until that money is released. Once we get bingo back full time we can concentrate more on this giving our members a green on a particular score to use with other strategies or to just allow a profit without a ball being kicked.

Ok onto today. Lets put some ideas out there and trade which ones we want to trade.

Majority of under 21s have poor liquidity which may pick up before 4pm………..

Bulgaria v Montenegro 18.30pm

Last game ended 4-1 between them. Mont conceded 2 or more in last 4 out of 6 away games, other 2 finished 0-0.

Two options here, AA with 1.5 cover. CoverS – over 2.5 with 1-0, 1-1, 2-0, 0-0 cover.

Liquidity is currently low though on cs, £4k, needs to pick up………

Croatia v Greece 19.30pm

Croatia have banged in 17 from their last 6 home games and you have to wonder whether Greece are now playing a different style of football after their recent 4-4 against Portugal. With the 2-1 currently 10.5 and the 2-2 high they might be worth a dabble for the AA. 1.5 insurance optional. Again, liquidity needs to pick up.

Czech v Lithuania 19.15pm

Czech’s are a very strong side at home and are 5-1-0 at home in last 6. Lithuania are 1-1-4 with their only away win a 1-0 win against Malta. With overs at 1.90 CoverS looks a good shout but again liquidity needs to pick up.

Germany v Azerbaijan 19.45pm

Hard to see Azer scoring here. Option here could be to back over 3.5, (1.50) back under 2.5 to cover 50% of 3.5 stakes and back 3-0. Looks a reasonable shout. Can see this finishing 3-0 or 4-0. Stakes, we can discuss in chat room.

Turkey v Belgium 19.00pm

Stats/recent results make this ideal for a CoverS. Back of over 2.5 with 0-0, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0 cover.

I’m reluctant to trade England. Think they will scrape through 1-0 possibly but am not comfortable advising a trade where we lay them and cover say 0-1, 0-2, 1-2. Privately i may trade something like that but potential big liabilities is not something I will put out there.

So we have a few games to look at. Feel free to email in anything you feel is worth looking at.

See you in chat soon.

~ by Juan on September 7, 2010.

3 Responses to “Trade of the day Tues 7 Sept”

  1. Good luck for the trades,,, If I sign up today, when, exactly, my monthly membership will expire?

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