Trade of the day – Sat, 11 Sept

Post match roundup

Multiple Mularkey: The first leg played on friday night set us up with Hanover (the dog) needing a victory for the home win double to pay dividends. We decided therefore to back 8 CS selections rather than lay Hanover @ 3.95. The home side actually took the lead and added a second ensuring us of at least £36 profit on the MM trade. A goal from Leverkeusen in 2nd half forced us to adapt a little – a back of 2-2 was advised. A fortuitous move as final score was 2-2. Total profit £73

Dortmund v Wolfsburg: The lay of te fav didn`t work, so we redded up on MO and greened up on CS. £18 loss

Lens v Lille: LTD this time @ 3.25 and the favs duly obliged by romping to a 1-4 victory. Trading out of both MO & CS left us with £28 green

Earlier unofficial TOTD – Everton v Man Utd was memorable for the advised LAY of Utd when 1-3 up @ 1.03. United fans and 1.03 backers were left blushing and seriously out of pocket.

A word on the continuing impeccable performances of our members who are not only learning the game but displaying a discipline & focus essential to succesful trading. Hats off to the newer members for their attitude – Maltez/Project/jb, etc but again our appreciation to the senior chaps – Raz/Dak/Gundulf/Lambretta – for keeping it all together

Back to League action today.

Adster spotting some opportunities in UK Premiership while Bingo goes further afield to Germany & France


Back Utd + Back 0-0/1-0/1-1

Man City v Blackburn

BACK 2-1

Newcastle v Blackpool

BACK Ovr 2.5 goals + CS



BACK 2-1 & 3-1

LENS v LILLE  20.00pm

LTD + small back on 0-0 & 1-1

~ by latraderette on September 11, 2010.

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