Trade of the day Mon 13 Sept

Post match roundup

Under the watchful helpful eyes of Raz, Lamb, Gund & Dak, members would have profited on the canny HT lay in Stoke v Villa + the mailed out nuggets to BACK 13+ corners in the same game and NAC strategy in the Molde Norwegian fixture also produced a combined £65 green

Nothing today folks, Day off for the nugget crew after an excellent weekend of trading. One of our members is now £324 better off!!!

Why not join and make some yourself? Some comments and Testimonials from our members below.

Bingo & Adster
As coincidence would have it I was going to drop you a line to say how impressed I have been with the service so far and to thank you both for the support you have given me.  I only joined on Friday evening, as you know, and got stuck in to the German MM straight away (albeit with half stakes).  Thought I had bitten off more than I could chew at first but thanks to excellent support from Bingo & several forum members I was confident with what I was doing and was pleased to exit the trade on Sunday with a healthy profit.  Unfortunately, I missed the 2pm & 2:30 trades on Sunday as a pub lunch over ran but got on for the 4pm (full stakes this time) and again received excellent support from Adster (including a pre match private chat to prep me for the trade) and the forum users.  My daft question about holding out for another goal when it was clear we should green up, even to me ordinarily, was met only with help and I took away another nice profit.  I particularly enjoyed the webinar format on Sunday feeling it gave extra interactivity from yourselves to the members.
I’m happy for you to use the above for the website but would appreciate it if my email address was not shown. JT

Trading can be a lonely affair at times but i have found it to be very beneficial to be involved with two of the most honest and dedicated traders out there today. Also the guys in the chat room are at hand for anyone needing advice which is great for people learning the ropes. Mikey.

Hi ads, thought there was something tonight on aston villa game…

About the service.. Its just awesome, i had no idea the webinar would be so interactive, and everyday i go to the chat and get some advice about the trade im into that momment. From times to times there are some members who share theyre knowledge adquired from the experience these year. Its fantastic for starters like me. Better would be impossible i guess. Nuno.

I joined Traders eu 1 month ago
this service is fantastic
if ur thinking of Joining , Just do it
the trades they give you and help and advice is great
the chat room is open 24/7 and even when there is no official trade on
u will find the chat room full of expierenced traders and u can trade with them then
best £25 I have ever spent
the trading strategies they use has really opened my eyes and the future is very bright and extremely profitable

Good day yesterday, most enjoyable atmosphere in the room as ever. Jon.
Hi Bingo and Ads

A quick testimonial from me
This is the best trading football membership out there, I’ve only been a member for just over a month, but I couldn’t ask for more. Bingo and Ads are there to support all members every step of the way. Even if you choose to try a strategy not put out as a trade, the boys will still guide you through if your unsure what to do at any stage of the match. Even members who have experience are happy to advise and support. All in all we are a football trading community and everybody will support each other, and that is how it should be in my opinion


~ by Juan on September 13, 2010.

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