Trade of the day Mon 20 Sept

Morning all,

Our usual Monday off after a hectic weekend. Well done over the past 2 days where numbers were excellent throughtout the day. And the ‘Graveyard’ shift last night at 10.10pm where we layed 4.5 at 1.09 in Banfield v Independiente game still had 30 members in! The bleary eyed ones were rewarded as the 4.5 price drifted to 1.90 to 2s with the game ending 4-0!! Happy Days. Great to see so many come and go jumping on whatever game was just about to start/helping each other etc. That’s why it’s the best room on the net.

Which brings me to the point of value bets. With expereince and getting to know the markets you see when a price is far too short or far too long. We also have razor and lamb, two senior members who are very good at incorrect prices. How do we exploit them? We back/lay that market as it offers excellent value. Course we still need the game to go our way to profit but the lay of 1.09 last night was a crazy price! Two goals in the first 10 mins and some backed and went to bed!

We will look with the help of raz and lamb, ‘value prices’ as we see them.

Other news. Will edit/add audio to the FIP video today and it will be in the members area by tomorrow. Think it was Luca asking about the MM videos. Yes these two are in the package we sell.

Bingo is working hard on Seminar which we’re looking at going ahead in November. To be confirmed. It will be a Saturday afternoon and be the dogs nuts!

Betnotes is still available via Bet72 site, read the comments below, very positive.

Be back later if we spot anything, if not tomorrow for TOTD.

~ by Juan on September 20, 2010.

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