Trade of the day – Sat, 2-10-10

Post match roundup

Wigan v Wolves: Couldn`t have called this one better as the dreaded 0-0 at HT was, this time, our perfect scenario. A 3rd goal would have doubled the £27 profit already guarnateed by the 2-0 scoreline

4 AAs: As an exercise in how to manage your postion should the trade be going against went with the trade! Only West Brom v Bolton with a 0-0 HT scoreline posed a threat. 2 late goals and we reduced our loss to 20% of the stake. The other three produced profit returns of 50%/80% & 100% ROI

A busy today today with razor looking at the nags from 2pm. So let’s get straight on with the Trade of the Day.

Wigan v Wolves 12.45pm


Back under 2.5 for £75

Back 2-1 for £12
Back 1-2 for £8
Back 3-0 for £3

As an added insurance with the 4.5 so low we can lay 4.5 for £75, (liability £8)

Dangers? 4-0, 3-1, 0-3, 2-2 late. The 4.5 gives us insurance if there are early goals but our profits are for unders and 2-1/1-2.

The last 3 head to heads have only had 5 goals between them. Wigan have only scored 1 in 4 home games and Wolves only 3 away in 3 games this season. (Cue the 5-5  scoreline).


In the mid week match between Valencia v Utd I was hoping to show how to manage your postion should the trade go against you.
We will do this exercise again today

Straight AA strategy on 4 matches

£10 on each 2-1 scoreline

SPURS  v VILLA  15.00pm
WEST BROM  v BOLTON  15.00pm

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