Trade of the day – Sun, 3 Oct

Post match roundup

A trade where we left 2-0/0-2 as main dangers. The plan was centred around 0-0 which we would lay at HT if still goalless. We would also have layed 0-1/1-0/1-1 and greened up on Match Odds – in effect leaving a free bet on Over 2.5.

Decided to top up on Over 2.5 after 30 mins @ 5.6. Rennes scored just before HT. 1-0

The original plan was now shot so we had to change tactics. Advice was given to LAY the draw for £15 @ 4.8….BACK 2-0 @ 6.0 and 3-0 @ 25.0. Some members queried this 3-0 back but my favourite trading adage “think 2 goals ahead” seemed entirely appropriate here. Rennes obviously had backed the same scoreline and with 5 mins to go 3-0 it was. £60 green on 3-0…£72 green on over 2.5  £35 red on MO. The immediate order was given to LAY 3-0 @ 1.38…..good job too as Toulouse nicked a goal at the death. Final score 3–1. Trade profit £108


Under2.5 @ 1.60 says more than any speculative thought on this author`s part can
Toulouse have not beaten Rennes away in 14 H2Hs
Both teams have conceded the fewest goals in Ligue 1 so far this campaign
Market expects 0-0 big time…..but, you never know


BACK 1-0
BACK 0-1

As additional insurance we will back Over 2.5 after 10mins

~ by latraderette on October 3, 2010.

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