Trade of the day Fri 8 Oct

Post match roundup

The Nuggets winning streak for October reaches 7/8.

Austria v Howsyerfather: Although timing of goals was unfavourable we had to top on other scores…..a tidy £9 profit

Cyprus v Norway: The NN strategy gave us the opportunity to explore several options – and keep the learning curve going – during the trade. Cyrpus` goal 2nd half enabled most to green up on CS for £14. This author`s lay in the Next Goal market while a little riskier yielded a £45 profit

Spain v Lithuania: Not on the official TOTD but a canny lay of Under3.5 when HT 0-0 saw 4 goals in 2nd half…and £30 profit there

Both chat rooms were open and in the Vets Room one member, JB79 suggested the same idea to lay Under3.5. A bonus of £5 was his reward for that little nugget. Just one of the many perks enjoyed by members of the net`s leading trading football service



Little brucie bonus today folks as we’ve been restricted with any decent liquidity games this week we’ll be doing 2 TOTD’s same day. Poxy international weeks, aarggghhhhhhhhhh. Please be on time for these games and if the stakes are too high below, halve, quarter etc all of the below. See you later.

Austria v Azerbaijan 19.30pm

61st v 102nd in the rankings. Austria are 7-9 for goals for and against in their last 6 home matches with 3 wins and 3 losses. Azer are 2-0-4 away and 5 for and 15 against. 10 of which were scored by Germany in 2 of those. Turkey ranked 21st and Russia ranked 25th only beat Azer 2-0 in the last 18 months so this shouldn’t be a goal fest.


Back under 2.5

Back 2-1
Back 3-0
Back 1-2
Back 3-1

As an added insurance lay under 4.5 (we can always top up in play if necessary).

Dangers are 2-2, 4-0, 1-3 late on.

Adster be trading this in the Vets Room.

Cyprus v Norway 19.00pm

This appears ideal for the NN. We’re taking a slight contrarian view on this one which if doesn’t come to fruitiion will result in a small loss.

Back 0-0
Back 2-2

Bingo will be trading this in the Rookies Room.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on October 8, 2010.

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