Trade of the day Tues 19 Oct

Post match round up

At 1-0 our trade was safe. And with our tips on 2-0 and 3-0 steamers pre match that went to members it was a tasty £32 profit from the CoverS. 3-0 steamed from 17s to 15.5 and the 2-0 from 10s to 9.6 prematch. Happy Days!

Bingo’s trade of BTTS made £12 profit.

9 out of 11 winners since Friday.

Why not join the service?


Slightly unusual approach tonight as the Nuggets have differing views on the outcome.
A totally understandable situation which we all have faced when considering an initial
position on a match to be traded. The choice is yours!
Will be interesting to see if profit can be made on both trades

Match preview/facts/team news,19764,11065_3315129,00.html

Let’s go with a CoverS here.

Back over 2.5
Back 0-0
Back 1-0
Back 1-1
Back 2-0


Bingo in Rookies Room

Stats point towards Arsenal scoring tonight but they also show that Shakhtar can get on
the scoresheet too having a decent record away from home in CL group games. Arsenal`s
defensive frailties have been exposed as well so far this season

BACK 1-0
BACK 2-0
BACK 3-0

~ by Juan on October 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Trade of the day Tues 19 Oct”

  1. Hi fellas, looks like a top service you are providing. I’m thinking of getting in. As a novice with limited (around 500 quid) funds to start with, and currently working evenings til 9 and every other saturday. Given this information, do you think I would be able to make around 200quid a month if I was a member?

    • Hello Harps
      We do around 25 trades per month, 65%-80% are winners. The question here is whether the inevitable losers will be compensated enough by the winners to reach your stated £200 target. Not impossible by any means and your £500 budget is fine given our trade stakes are rarley above £100

  2. Ok thanks, I guess as long as I’m covering the monthly subs and learning, I’ve nothing to lose.

    • Yes Harps learning is something you will certainly gain from the service. And that is invaluable in becoming a profitable trader. Members that have been with us for a few months have gained massively in confidence and experience.

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