Trade of the day Wed 27 Oct

Post match round up

1-3, 0-5 were covered and it was a shame Carroll missed the header at 0-3 as we had a big green on 1-3 but it wasn’t to be. £14 loss was the end result.


Morning all,

Firstly a Happy Birthday to my partner in crime Mr Little! 29 years old, (he wishes). Enjoy your day mate. He’ll be on the lash somewhere in London today so enjoy your day you old b ugger.

Great night last night. Think we’ll look to do more things like that, put a little on a potential score at a longer price. The 1-3 was 34s last night, just wish we’d had another £2 or £3 on it. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing. Point is £2/£3 is not a big risk for what can be a decent return and can easily be squeezed in any of the strats. Apologies about the widgit last night, was having awful problems with adobe flash player and firefox throwing me out constantly. Will sort that out today. Any instructions tonight will be given in the widgit as well as the main chat area too.

Ok, couple of questions before the main trade today.

What is the difference between official and unofficial trades?

Official trade of the days are sent out Sat/Sun and usually Tues and Wed in week. There may be more than one on a particular day. Official means that they will be supervised and traded by the Nugget Crew.

Unofficial trades are down to the members and potential trades/value we have spotted. These can be traded in the chat area with other members. Unofficial days are generally Mon/Thurs and Fri.

What is the difference between the Vets and Rookies Room and when are they used?

With the business expanding we will have to look at using both rooms more often as we don’t want it too congested. At the moment though it’s fine and listening to you the members you like to stay in 1 room even with 2 trades going on at the same time. But at weekends when both bingo and I are available and we have 2 trades on at the same time we will open both rooms as Saturdays with razor’s racing and other games it would be too much for 1 room. Once the trade is done by bingo or I in the Rookies Room we can then all come back to the Vets Room.

If there are any questions you have, feel free to drop us a line. We always listen to our members and care about improving the service.

Right onto tonight. Let’s give West Ham v Stoke and Newcastle v Arsenal a swerve. The latter because of all the changes being made on both sides. If you wanted a straight punt perhaps a small back on 2-2 and 1-3 is worth considering as think be goals in the game.

Aston Villa v Burnley 19.45pm

These 2 are averaging 2 goals per game this season for home/away.

Team News

Aston Villa will be without the injured trio of Luke Young, Gabby Agbonlahor and captain Stilyan Petrov.

League Cup keeper Brad Guzan will again come into the fold, with Emile Heskey and John Carew expected to feature in a a side made up of experience and youth.

Burnley could welcome back Clarke Carlisle after suspension, especially with Leon Cort now banned following his sending off at the weekend.

Steven Thompson, Ross Wallace and Brian Easton may also come into the side.


A straight AA

Back 0-0

Back 2-1

Back 2-2

Back 3-1

See you in the Vets Room later.

~ by Juan on October 27, 2010.

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