Trade of the day Thurs 28 Oct

Post match round up

Whilst this wasn’t an official trade one member picked up £87 using the CoverS strategy via phone. Very nice and a well done to M. Also we advised our members of a steamer price in the Man U game which came in 3 ticks. Pre match trading. Marvellous. Nothing official for Friday, members will be emailed anything we spot.

As per our email we sent regarding the 2-0 price. Just a shame the rest wasn’t matched at 10s! But £58 can be used with CoverS very well as now dont need to put much on the 2-0 scoreline. This pre match trading is a whole new world with small downside and if you have software a stop loss can be used in case the price goes badly the other way!

We’re going to work on finding a few more of these for our members.

Nothing official today and liquidity is low too. But Bari v Torino looks good for either a CoverS or an AA later on. Downside is liquidity and it’s a cup game which can always throw up dodgy results. Whilst liquidity is not as important for CoverS you need £20k plus for the AA at kick off.

If bingo spots anything else am sure he will email it out this afternoon.

Good luck all, enjoy your day.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on October 28, 2010.

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