Trade of the day Mon 1 Nov

Post match round up

The Nugget Genie Lamp was out again last night picking out winners in West Brom, (overs plus 1-1) and an AA 2-1 to Mallorca, which ended 2-1. These unofficial trades are becoming very profitable and an asset to the service and members. One of our members with the help of razor and senior members picked up £56 on Mallorca, game. Marvellous. 2 months membership sorted in one night! So a thanks to razor, dak, gun, lamb etc as our senior members who are our Captain’s when bingo and I aren’t in chat.

And a little screenshot from Darren from the game.

Afternoon all,

Many thanks to you for resubscribing for Nov, been busy all morning processing it etc, ruddy Doreen, she has to go! Nothing official today. In the process of uploading a short video showing how to put small stakes on Betfair which some members have asked so that should be in the Members Area tonight or in the morning so please check it out.

As for today, Mallorca looks good for the AA later and 10s can be currently backed. Not a bad shout as the odds are priced nicely for it. Also think be goals in Brom v Blackpool, perhaps a 1-1 with overs 10 mins in looks a good shout, overs currently too low at 1.73………..

We will be back tomorrow with an official TOTD.

Good day to all.

~ by Juan on November 1, 2010.

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