Trade of the day – Mon 1Nov2010

We are often asked the question “what do you do if the trade goes wrong?” Yesterday`s Newcastle v Sunderland match was a case in point. We had backed 1-1/2-1/1-2, anticipating a close encounter with a goal or two perhaps. 3-0 to Newcastle in the first half was not expected. Stakes were £8 on each scoreline

Here is how Adster expertly dealt with the situation:

After watching the first 20 mins it was quite obvious Newcastle were the better side

  • at 1-0 decided to reduce red overall by laying off the 1-1 for £7
  • more goals for Newcastle looked more likely than to Sunderland we backed 2-0 for £3 and 3-0 for £2.
  • At 2-0 we’d lost our 1-2 so thinking it could be a goal fest  we backed AUQ at 4.5ish for £10. This price appeared high considering how the game looked.
  • Once that was done our dangers were 2-0, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3.
  • We also layed 2-1 for £5 and backed 3-1 for £5 as 3-1 looked more likely than 2-1.
  • 3-0 on the half time whistle and to protect the 3-3, and 3-2 to an extent we layed Toon at 1.02 for £75.
  • Then offered it out saying our members could have a free punt on the AUQ profit or put a little back on 3-0.
  • Lastly around 68 mins we backed 3-2 for £1 at 65s.

Profit was £16 from the trade and a good lesson in turning a wrong call round in play which is always very enjoyable. Cool heads, patience and confidence are key.

~ by latraderette on November 1, 2010.

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