Trade of the day Fri 5 Nov

Morning all,

Firstly, an email from Iwin, one of our current members.

Hello bingo and ads,

Just wanted to say thanks for the tip on liverpool last night in chat. I layed them and did back of 1-0, 2-0, 3-1. When they were 0-1 i green on match odds and left scores. It won me 64 euros so am very happy.

Was around for the early game last night to help and advise where necessary and it was great to see over 50 when i left at 7.45pm. The advices and bits of news were great and what really makes the chat room a very special place. Please don’t take that lightly, it is a very special chat room with excellent banter, helpful senior members, regular members and new ones too. The more advanced regulars always help any of the newer less experienced traders and there is no silly question. Even when one member asked why a side were trading at 1000s for 2-0 the other day there was no condescending chat, just a little joke and the reason why the side were trading at 1000s, ie they were 1 down! It’s great to see numbers over 70 for TOTD’s but we’d like to get that up for non TOTD days as well. You as members can go there 24/7! There is always someone trading evening and weekend games. With over 180 members let’s try and beat the record!!

I have attached a couple of screen shots from last night. Following steve’s spot of Chelsea at v low price for a lay of 3.5 on Wed night last night we had Jam spotting Dinamo at 1.07 at ht for a lay fo 3.5, as he said they had had 10 shots on target so goals were due. Within 2 mins of restart it was 1-0………….then 2-0. Jam was also on an rr which paid dividends and another member had some advice about gent whom they said were worth laying at 1-0, cue the 1-1 before half time.

As said at the time with so many eyes watching so many games helpful advice passed on is worth its weight in gold. We’re all there to earn money and learn too. Trading is a lonely business have no doubt about that but to have a great friendly, respectful area to mingle with friends and discuss trading matters with some light banter, well, it can’t be beaten. There is a very relaxed atmosphere on the non official nights which is very welcoming. Everyone does their own thing/or the unofficial trades.

Only had time to trade BATE and CSKA as they were 6pm games. CS after 4 mins we were out for profit by laying off overs and putting small on 0-2 knowing 1-1 and 0-1 were covered. That’s the value of having 0-1 covered in the CoverS. Why? Well an early goal to the dog you can green on overs and only need to cover small on 0-2 as other options are covered…………

Nothing official today as we gear up for the weekend. If we spot anything for later or weekend steamers they will be emailed out later.

One more week until Seminar time, it’s still not too late to book your place, but hurry only 2 left, yes 2 left! Bingo is working his socks off on it currently, top man that he is. Details below.

Lastly if you would like a free weekend with the nugget crew and members drop us a line below. Enjoy the banter, trading and learn in the best trading chat room on the net. Come see for yourselves.

~ by Juan on November 5, 2010.

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