Trade of the day Thurs 11 Nov

Quick round up

Another good unofficial night with bingo and I in to help/advise the members, (we’re not around next 2 days as we’re in Bedford doing the Nugget Crew seminar).So no posts for next 2 days.

Lovely little LTD for bingo and those that followed in Italy and a little NN in Spain that ended 2-2. Very nice indeed. These are great nights with a relaxed, laid back atmosphere with various trades going on for the members. Information sharing is worth its weight in gold. This service is so much more than a Trade of the Day. The chat room makes the service what it is. Trading is a lonely business. Why not give us a go?

Happy days.

Morning all,

An enjoyable evening of trading. The HT/FT strat has had many a member stirring to get involved and has huge potential. The CunderS paid out for us too. That too is an enjoyable strat knowing you have the bigger scores covered and 1-1 at HT is a very strong position to be in.

Onto today, not much at the moment but I will be in tonight trading as neither bingo or I will be around tomorrow or Saturday as it’s Seminar weekend. So if anyone has any unofficial trades for Saturday please let us know today otherwise it will be a day of self trading in the chat room. The same applies to any of our senior members if they fancy doing an official trade, please let us know.

If can find anything for later it will be emailed later on.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on November 11, 2010.

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