Trade of the day – Thurs 2 Dec

Taking a night off from trading as the old bean is beginning to feel the pace somewhat. However, such is the eagerness of our members to share their insights, we are fortunate to be able to put out this analysis from Lee (who seems to have skipped the “intermediate” part of his trading education and gone from newbie to veteran in no time at all)

CSKA vs Lusanne

Won all 4 previous matches, scoring 3 in each and conceding only 1. LTO was 0:3.
Lusanne have conceded 3 goals per match in 3/4 previous games, only conceding 1 against Palermo, a team who have only scored 4 in total.
Have to expect 3 goals for CSKA here, 3-0/3-1 with Unders cover –  Over 4.5 maybe…
Sofia vs Besitkas
Bottom of group – lost previous 2 home games. LTO lost 1-0 to Besitkas.
Expected to lose but will want a win though as that’s their only chance of qualifying.
Won last away game 1-2 – A possible 1-1, may even push for the win but doubtful.
Dortmund vs Karapaty
Karpaty are rubbish – all 4 games lost. LTO was 3-4 though!. Win for Dortmund will put them in possible qualification place. Pretty sure a Dortmund win here – score is a stab in the dark though!
PSG vs Sevilla
Beat Sevilla away 0-1. Will be looking to win to top group with a win which should guarantee qualification. Coming off the back of 2 draws with Dortmund, think they may edge this one, low scorer though….
Vienna v Porto
Vienna lost both previous home group matches 1-2. Porto (unbeaten) beat them 3-0 at home, so possibly expect a 1-2 defeat for Vienna here. I can’t see Vienna winning, as much as they’ll want to.
Steuaua vs Liverpool
Both Liverpool’s away games have been 0-0 bore draws – whereas at home they’ve managed 4:1 and 3:1 wins. Quite a contrast in H/A results. A cold night in Europe for ‘pool so, staying true to away form I think another 0-0 here
Utrecht vs Napoli
Drew 0-0 with each other LTO – both have drawn 0-0 with Liverpool at home and both lost their last matches 3-1 away… two 0-0’s in the same group…. quite possible. Would go for 0-0 here as well. Possibly under 1.5 to be safe

~ by latraderette on December 2, 2010.

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