Trade of the day Wed 15 December

Post match roundup

0-1.1-1.2-1.2-2………all looking good although the goals came a bit early in the game obliging us to lay the green scorelines we had. At 1-1 laying all scores for stakes was advised. This author was matched but no-one else it transpired! Doing the mental arithmetic with members` Betfair screens totally different to one`s own is tricky but we managed in the end to secure an average of £11 profit. Trading 3 markets is often complicated but you just have to do your sums correctly – and quickly!

Morning all,

Plenty of action tonight but limited in choices as a lot of sides have already qualified and thus are dead games but this one below is certainly not dead as both sides can qualify.

Sevilla v Dortmund 20.05pm

We’re expecting at least 2 goals here as both sides score and concede. Sevilla are 26 in the last 8 home games and Dortmund are also 26 in the last 8 away games. To a certain degree in europe that goes out of the window but both sides like to attack and Dortmund need to win!



Back under 2.5 for ……

Back over 3.5 for …..

Back the following for …… on each scoreline
2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 1-2, 1-3

Back 3-0  back 0-3 for ……..

Plenty of profits on the bigger scores here ……..1-1 at HT be great for us.

This game is on livefooty and ESPN. Scalping first 10 as always can reduce red on the lower scores. Tend to scalp under 1.5 for stakes of anything up to £100 first 10 mins. Use stakes as per comfort levels.

~ by Juan on December 15, 2010.

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