Trade of the day Thurs 16 December

Post match round up.

We came out for a scratch trade here. Shame the 3-0 went in so late as we had great profits on 3-1 and auq. With Gent almost scoring in the last min of injury time we’d have made around £30. Those that stayed on were rewarded by Lamb advising a little NAC on Anderlecht, well done Lamb and those that stayed on in chat.

We spot anything for later we will email it out.



Morning all,

Lille v Gent 18.00pm

Early game for us tonight, lots of dead games and only this and Anderlecht stands out as potential trades. Lille need to win as no other result will do for them. Their home record is excellent with 26 goals in total and 5 out of 6 wins.


CunderS with CS cover

Back under 2.5 for……..

Back the following:


Stakes to members. To join for this trade and get stakes for this game, please go here.

2-1 yes is a danger but with plenty of cover on 3-0 and 3-1 we can cover this.  3-1 is our nugget, we trade primarily around that score with cover on auq, 3-0 and to a lesser extent 1-2 and 2-2. Gent score first we can top up the 2-2………

This will be traded in the Vets Room by adster, (not sure if bingo will be around).

See you then.

~ by Juan on December 16, 2010.

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